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Pendulum suspension "ICP"

For new coolers or in case of a major cooler upgrading, the movable frame will be suspended on a wear-free pendulum suspension consisting of spring steel strands vertically supported on adopted steel pillars. Such pendulum suspension is connected via a transverse beam across the cooler. A roller in the centre guides the movable frame in longitudinal direction. The Integrated Compact Pendulum "ICP" does not require any lubrication system and is completely wear- and maintenance-free. No sinking of the movable frame anymore.


Lower cooler housing with pendulum suspension and grate system


Standalone pendulum module ICP

Smart Blade grate system

Movable frame - strong and precise


CemProTec Pendulum Grate Cooler for 3200 tpd with modular design of all major components


2 hydraulic cylinders working parallel

CemProTec inspection view port for better visibility

Hydraulic unit with PLC


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